Event: Ginkgo Tour & Tasting 

Tour with Tang Han & UUU, 11 December 22, 2–3.30 pm


Humans live on the same planet with ginkgo—a living fossil that has been around for 200 million years. However, ginkgo may be nothing more than a street tree, integrated in the city; as urban planners often choose it because of its prominent ability to adapt to various climates and resist pollution and pests. Most likely, you have passed by or accidentally stepped on this strange smelling fruit without being aware of its delicious taste and longstanding use in dietary supplements.

In her most recent project, Tang Han explores the cultural-historical relationship between ginkgo and humans, and contemplates the temporality of ginkgo in relation to that of other existences. December marks the last chance of the year to pick ginkgo nuts. For this tour, Han invites you to walk with her through the streets and squares of Berlin to identify and observe ginkgo trees, and collect the nuts of these fallen “public fruits”. Afterwards, at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the chefs from UUU will serve a tasting of candied ginkgo and kombucha made from ginkgo leaves.



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Screening & Walk: Staying with Ginkgo?

Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) at Uferhallen,  September 16 and 23, 2023


Tang Han’s artistic practice is based on her experiences with cultural collisions and focuses on the circumstances of daily life. The works Miss Ginkgo: Chapter 1 & Miss Ginkgo: Chapter 2, as well as the performative walk Staying with Ginkgo? address the history and cultural significance of the Ginkgo tree, which can be found thriving across Berlin’s urban landscape.



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