Money becomes Money 

Painting, performance

I painted eight different denominations of euro banknotes in oil and used a punch-card to record the working hours of each painting. These were then displayed in Vitrine space, which looked like a show window and was next to the exit of the main train station in Nuremberg. What interested me in this project was how “money” can become money, or how to turn the image of currency into actual currency. So, I invited an auction house in the city to perform an auction. The auctioneer auctioned the eight oil paintings in the public space using the typical auction bidding process: the price started from zero and the highest bidder got the work. Of course, what happened in this auction was that the auction proceeds were not equal to the euro face value, which were shown in the paintings, nor were they equal to the time of my labor. At the end of the auction, the bill of the sold work and the punch-cards were also displayed in the show window. I was trying to provide a possibility to calculate the value of these paintings and rethinking about the relationship between working time and the value of the work itself. 


MONEY BECOMES MONEY》Vitrine 展览现场,纽伦堡 MONEY BECOMES MONEY Exhibition View Vitrine Nürnberg 2015 1 e1575968836838 -

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Tang Han: MONEY BECOMES MONEY, Exhibition View, Vitrine, Nürnberg (2015)

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